Android o developer preview launched with 7 new exciting features

Google has launched the next version of the Android operating system Android O developer preview. Through, the web giant does going beyond to the release new version of the Android operating system. and, It is known as android 8. Although the new operating system Android O final version will be released in the third quarter of this year, that means July-September. However, android developers are working to effective to apps and service for future upgrades of Android O.

Android O developer preview

Google is given to developers firstly to use new Android version so that they can create compatible applications for new OS design. However, All Android Fans can take the enjoyment by the android o developer preview. So that they are able to understand Google is going to bring what’s a new feature of this new operating. However, while it is preview version, so it’s Stability is not good. Then, a user can face a variety problem. Therefore, general users should wait until the stable version. Now, android o have the hardly noticeable features. But, User can enjoy mild taste of some of the new features like as the previous Developer Preview. However, they can add more features in the next build. So, android lovers should wait until the final version.

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Now, to get more info about the new features of android o, read the article below.

Android o developer preview supported devices

Now Android o is not a beta version. So, Android o developer preview cannot install in all android device now. However, there are some smartphones which are the eligible for the upgrade with developer preview. So, you will have to wait for full version. Now, let’s go to see a list of upgradable device.

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel C
  • Pixel XL
  • Google Nexus Player
  • Google Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 5X

Background Limit

This feature will work on those applications that are running in the background. Especially, it will work to background Service rules and the use of location services. This change has led to developers to create applications that will increase the phone’s performance and battery life will be less stressful on.


The user will be able to manage all kind of notification from any apps. For example, you can be turned on Facebook Mansion notification and at the same time, the comment notification can be closed. It would be advantageous to control all types of notifications of one app.

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Autofill API

Now, Users can select the Password Manager App for fill up ID-password section to login different applications like as default keyboard. This password manager app will enter username and password in the login section automatically. Undoubtedly this new feature will give to android users a new experience. However, these features will easy to use Android O developer preview.

Adaptive Icon

Developers can create an adaptive icon for android o operating system, which will depend on the system. Therefore, it will work on all phones in a variety of interfaces. The new icon can be animated which will be more resilient. As a result of this feature, application icon can be changed with the different launcher app and the theme.

Bluetooth Audio

Android o is high-quality Bluetooth audio codec supported. And, android o is also Sony LDAC codec supported. LDAC is one of the best audio coding systems which developed by Sony. LDAC gives a better experience for wireless listening for all music. So, Bluetooth audio support is one of the best upgrades of android o.

Picture-in-picture video

Picture-in-picture (PIP) video is the old feature for PC, but it is the new feature of the mobile device. Now, android O will be fully supported for picture-in-picture mode. So, you will able to enjoy this feature by using the new operating system. And, you can play video in a small floating window and other areas can be used other purpose. Therefore I think this will give a new experience to android User.

Unknown sources

When you tried to install apps from outside Google Play store then you must be required to enable Unknown Sources from security settings. But, android o give you an easy way. You can avoid Disturbance of the unknown source problem by using the grant permission. Now, It’s a new and user-friendly feature of android o.

Android o developer preview release date

According to Google’s android developer website, the android o developer preview 2 will be released on mid of May. Developer preview three will be released on mid of June. And, the fourth release will come before the final release. And, the final version will be released in the third quarter of this year. This final release date may be in July- September.

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Finally, it is needless to say that the update android o is going to the best operating system with new features. At the same time, this operating system will have lots of exciting features which will blow all android phone lovers mind. If you like this article then visit this site often for updates about the android o developer preview and android o final version. You can also stay with us for getting new technology review by joining our social pages.


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