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iPhone vs Android competition with 5 best iPhone alternative

5 best iPhone alternative 2017

The smartphone market is now divided into two parts. Apple is on one side and while others are on the other side. While Apple is taking itself to different heights, other smartphone makers are busy to try to overtaking of Apple. Let’s go know about best iPhone alternative 2017 of Courtesy of Mashable. 1. Samsung […]


LG X Charge Smartphone Specification, Price and Full Review

LG X Charge smartphone

LG has come up with a new phone at affordable price. The phone called LG X Charge of 4,500mAh battery has been brought to the mid-range users. LG X Charge Smartphone has been designed with a long time, even this phone offering company‚Äôs largest smartphone battery. However, according to LG, this phone will provide backup […]


LG G5 Smartphone Price is Just $339.95 Now, Full Review

LG G5 smartphone

LG G5 smartphone is undoubtedly an excellent device. Let’s take a look at the detailed review of this phone. A good review can save both your time and money at the time of your decision-making. So let’s get started. The LG Company has always been able to securely market their smartphones. The company has always […]


LG V10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs comparison review

LG V10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs

Needless to say that both LG and Samsung is the popular brands in the smartphone world. Today, I will discuss with a comparison between the two smartphones of these two popular brands. Now we see the comparison of LG V10 vs Galaxy Note 5 in the article below. Design Galaxy Note 5 device is quite […]


LG Stylus 3 Release Date, Price, Features, and Specifications

LG Stylus 3 release date

If you are looking for info about the LG Stylus 3 release date, then you must read this article. The LG Smartphone Company is going to release their new smartphone named LG Stylus 3. It will be available on the market in March 2017. The Stylus 3 is going to be a mid-range smartphone which […]


LG X Power2 Specs, Release Date, Price, and Key Features

LG X Power2 Specs

Get some latest info about the LG X Power2 Specs in this article. The X Power2 is an upcoming smartphone of LG tech-giant. This smartphone is going to be released in the middle of the March of this year. This mobile will have an affordable price at the range of $250 to $300. However, this […]

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