HTC 11 Specs, Release Date, Price, Features, and News

Get information about HTC 11 Specs, price, release date, features from here. Now, HTC 11 is an upcoming smartphone of HTC Company. And, this latest upcoming smartphone is going to be very different from all other versions of HTC.

HTC 11 Specs

Besides, the HTC 11 will have many amazing and cool new features that every user will love on their phone. Its camera, processor, display, design, and battery all will be awesome. And, this smartphone will be available on 2017. Now, read the below article to know more.

HTC 11 Specs and Other Information

The HTC 11 Specs are truly cool and described in here. Now, the HTC is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. And, the new HTC 11 probably is the best phone of 2017. However, the company in recent time has made a good success with the various phones in different budgets and will look to completely destroy other Android smartphone brands by launching a phone with probably the best specifications which HTC 11.

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The upcoming handset of Chinese manufacturing firm HTC 11 is going to be the best smartphone of2017. Now, according to rumors, there are some significant changes in hardware and software for the newest smartphone flagship.  And, that will likely make this phone win the title as “Phone of the Year.” Besides, HTC 11 will sport a 5.5-inch screen with QHD display resolution. Moreover, this smartphone will also have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile processor, with 3700 mAh battery, Adreno 540 GPU, with a memory capacity of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal and onboard storage on it.

Now, HTC 11 specs suggest that this device will have a very fast charging feature through Quick Charge 4.0 with 20% faster than the previous Quick Charge 3.0. And, the phone camera will sport a 12MP dual primary camera and an 8MP selfie camera and video chats. Besides, in addition, HTC 11 is expected to run the latest Android 7.0 Nougat alongside HTC Sense 8 UI.

HTC 11 Release Date

Now, according to the HTC 11 Specs, the HTC 11 is expected to be released by the end of second quarter of 2017 worldwide. And, it should be available to the users in a couple of months both online and offline. The rumors said that this smartphone will best the best phone and all people will love this phone for its amazing features. However, there is a lot of anticipation among the populace for this smartphone as the smartphone has a lot to offer in an affordable price range. Now, it has the same appearance as the previous versions of the HTC flagship including some slight changes here and there. So, wait until the HTC 11 phone releases in the market to get it.

Key Features of HTC 11

Now, there is no official update about the phone by the company till now. And, thus you can expect all news to be a rumor till date. Besides, a lot that has been thought of or being rumored about the HTC 11 has not been confirmed by any HTC official or authority. But, we have some rumored news about the HTC 11 features. And, those features are amazing. So, let’s see the features of HTC 11.

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According to the HTC 11 Specs, the phone is expected to come up with 5.5 Inches display screen which is bigger than the HTC 10. But, the 5.5-inch display is now becoming an industry standard and we expect the same with HTC 11 as well. However, anything bigger than 5.5 Inches would surely be more than the size of a normal smartphone, and there should be some difference between a phone and a phablet. Now, in any case, the 5.5-inch screen size is ample to view your favorite shows, movies, and lots more. And, it is good for the gaming enthusiasts as well owing to the top-class screen resolution.

Better Camera

The HTC 11 is expected to come with the best camera than what you witnessed with HTC 10. And, a 15 MP or more cameras is on the cards, some better changes in video recording are too expected with the HTC 11. Besides, believing the news about the superior and enhanced camera, the HTC 11 might certainly be somewhat above its previous versions namely the HTC 10. Moreover, the camera quality of the HTC 11 will be better than the previous version of HTC.  Now, keeping that in mind, if the camera of HTC 11 is enhanced, you can surely expect something with this release.

Innovative Design

The HTC 11 Specs are very cool and according to rumors, it has an amazing design. And, it has been quite a few years we have been witnessing a similar phone design it may be HTC, Samsung or any other. However, we are expecting the company to come up with some innovative changes that would make the design of the phone look better and unique. And, the companies with which HTC has been competing now for a while have certainly focused on providing inventive design as well as features. Also, the HTC 11 will come with a new and cool design that everyone will love.

New Accessories

The HTC 11 will come along with new accessories like VR headset or wireless headphones. And, it can be introduced by the company to make the overall look of the phone interesting and grab some good amount of users.

HTC 11 Price

The rumor HTC 11 Specs shows that the price of HTC 11 is expected to be around $900 in the International market while the price of the device in India is expected to be 55,000 INR. And, when comparing the phone with other phone devices price, you will find HTC devices to be way higher than that of other mobiles. Besides, this is thus one area which HTC can surprise users by giving a little compensation on the prices of the device.

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HTC 11 News

The HTC 11 is releasing on 2017. And, many rumors say that this smartphone will be very popular among all HTC lovers and other smartphone users. Now, the HTC 11 Specs are very awesome. The specification shows us that this device has an amazing camera, good processor, great display, and better design. So, you can buy this smartphone for its amazing feature. This device will cost you $900. And, if you consider with its feature, you will find it very cheap. Moreover, those all are rumors but keep in touch to get confirm the news.

Finally, we can say that the HTC 11 will be very awesome. and you will be fall in love with this device by using it because it has many amazing and cool features. Now, we hope you have liked our article. And, if you have any questions about this article, then notify us. And, visit our site to get updates about HTC 11 Specs.

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