6 Awesome and Cool New ios 10 Features You Should Know About

Are you searching for the new ios 10 Features? Yes! Then you are in the right place. The ios 10 is a new and tenth operating system by Apple Inc. This is a very famous and popular OS. And It was released on 13th September 2016. After release, it has got some updates and many cool new features. Those new features include the messaging, Siri, CarPlay, goodbye stock apps, new emoji, and activity sharing. And, those features are discussed in the below article. So, read the article.

ios 10 Features

iPhone ios 10 Features and Other Information

The ios 10 Features and other information are here. The iOS 10 is the tenth major release of the iOS mobile operating system which was developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to iOS 9. It was announced and unveiled at WWDC 2016 in June and was promptly released to app developers as a beta testing version, and shortly after to non-developer beta testers as part of the public beta. And, from then Apple has steadily released updated beta versions of iOS 10.

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However, there is three/four-month gap between the iOS 10 announcement and its final public release gives developers a chance to squash any bugs and adds any new features to their third-party iOS apps. Besides, the iPhone 7 launch events included a final announcement from Apple about when the iOS update will drop, and it’s 13 September.

The ios 10 Features are quite impressive and amazing. It features a redesigned Lock screen with 3D-touch enabled notifications. And, that offer up more information, a more easily accessible camera, and a new widgets screen that houses widgets formerly located in the Today section of the Notification Center. In this operating system, a redesigned Control Center, also with support for 3D Touch, and a new Raise to Wake feature wakes up the screen without bypassing notifications. Moreover, it has lot more features which I am going to tell you in the below.

What’s New in ios 10?

Let’s talk about what’s new in ios 10 Features. It has many qualities and after the last update of ios 10, it has got some new features. One of its new features is called the Siri. And, it can do a lot more in iOS 10, thanks to a Siri SDK that allows developers to build it support into their apps. With the help of this, you can now ask to do things like summon an Uber or send a message in WhatsApp. The messages have been overhauled with new features like background animations, bubble effects, rich links, and Digital Touch.

Besides, the sketching features first introduced on the Apple Watch, allowing users to create drawings and annotate photos and videos. The handwritten notes, hidden “invisible ink” messages, quick “Tapback” replies, and bigger emoji are new in Messages on it. Also, there’s even a predictive emoji feature that suggests words that can be replaced with emoji. The apps add almost unlimited capabilities to Messages, from sending stickers and GIFs to making payments to making collaborative dinner orders.Moreover, the photos feature impressive facial and object recognition capabilities, which power a new Memories feature for rediscovering forgotten moments.

ios 10 New features

The ios 10 is a very popular and amazing operating system. So, this is very amazing because it has many cool and awesome new features. And, the ios 10 Features are given below.


This operating system’s biggest change to Siri seems to be that Apple is opening it up to 3rd-party developers. It means that you’ll be able to activate non-Apple apps and functions via voice control in it. However, there will be Siri support in Slack, Uber, Shutterfly, WhatsApp, Lyft, Pinterest, Map My Run, RunKeeper and lots more apps.

CarPlay Re-revved

According to the new ios 10 Features, the changes in CarPlay are relatively minor. But, they’re big for CarPlay users all the same. Generally, I love being able to rearrange the CarPlay app arrangement and remove select apps like iBooks altogether.

Goodbye Stock Apps

The iOS 10 lets you customize the stock experience way better than previous versions of it. Indeed, you can now hide most stock apps including Stocks by using the same method used to delete apps. Besides, the Spotlight page is also more customizable with the ability to remove widgets like News that were previously un-hidable.

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New and Bigger emoji

Some new and bigger emoji are the new ios 10 Features. Now, many of the emoji characters are redrawn and there are even some new faces around. Just send an emoji in the new Messages app and they’re actually bigger. And, one to three emoji will appear in clearer detail, but if you send an emoji with any text or more than three emoji they’ll be standard size. So, it’s really incredible feature.

Activity Sharing

The Activity Sharing is one of the best and amazing new ios 10 Features. Now, all my Apple Watch friends have wanted Activity Sharing since day one and iOS 10 with watchOS 3 delivers that. Moreover, you can get updates on how your friends are doing with move, stand, and exercise goals, and show off to your friends how much better you’re doing than them. However, the old method was screenshot and send, and now it’s baked right in. So it has added a new dimension.

Music Meet Split View

In this operating system, the Music app is completely redesigned which is great. But, one of the most significant changes for me in practice is that you can finally multitask with Apple Music. Now, you can run Music side by side with Safari or Twitter or any other Split View app with the help of this new feature. Especially, it is useful when you want to change what song is playing or edit a playlist without leaving the app you’re already using.

Finally, it is needless to say that the ios 10 is a very amazing and cool new operating system. This OS has many new awesome qualities which have made this very popular. Now, if you have any question or face any problem on this site, then inform me by leaving a comment. And, visit this site to know more about the ios 10 Features.

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