Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors, Release Date, Price, Features, And Specs

If you wanted to know more about the Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors, then read this article. Now, the Microsoft Surface Phone is an upcoming smartphone of Microsoft Company. And, it has the rumor that this smartphone will be the best smartphone among all Microsoft smartphones.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

The phone is rumored to be released on 2017. And, this phone will have many amazing and cool features that all Microsoft smartphone lovers will love. It will have amazing camera, design, processor, and chipset. Those features will make your device very powerful. Now, read the article below to know details.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors and Other Important Details

The Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors are in here. Now, the Microsoft fans have been eagerly waiting for the tech giant to announce at least something about Microsoft Surface Phone. And, all audiences are waiting to know the release date, specs and price details. But, no information has yet been revealed. According to rumors, the Microsoft Surface Phone will be launched on 2017. And, new reports suggest the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 release date may be arranged for Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January. Besides, some reports even claim that the much-awaited smartphone will be unveiled only at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

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Now, the Microsoft has started a web page. And, on there, visitors of the MWC 2017 can meet and greet with the company representatives. And, the MWC is supposed to happen from February 27 to March 2, 2017. Now, according to the Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors, this smartphone will be the best smartphone of Microsoft. Besides, it will have many amazing features which will make all people love this phone.

Now, even though the fans are happy, the tech experts actually believe that the release might not happen just yet. And, even though Microsoft Surface family as a whole is doing really well, the company has not been able to raise its smartphone segment as well. Moreover, this has been pegged to many reasons including the lack of a viable OS in the phones. And, the Windows-based smartphone might make an awesome comeback in 2017. Now, read the below to know the feature, price, specification of Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

Now, the early reports suggested that Microsoft’s next smartphone will break cover before the year is out, while some rumors point to a launch in 2017. And, there are arguments for both. Besides, an end of year release would capture the holiday market and serve as a counterpoint to big hardware releases from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Phone will be released on 2017. This is rumor news it is not confirmed by the Microsoft Company. So, for now on we can say 2017 is the date for the release of this smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Price

The Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors says that the price of this device will be affordable for all smartphone lovers. Now, according to Learn Bonds, the Surface Phone will come compatible with a Surface Pen. Now, the device is expected to price at US$699. And, the 128GB and 256GB options are expected to cost between US$800 and US$1099.

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Now, the Microsoft’s last attempt at grabbing even a sliver of the smartphone market was the Lumia 950 XL, released in October 2015. And, it cost £549.99 at launch but has since been reduced to £336.99. However, if Microsoft wants to even stand a chance, the upcoming Surface Phone need to be priced competitively. Besides, we’ve heard that prices might start at $699 for the lesser model, reaching as much as a whopping $1,099 for the top-spec version.

Features of Microsoft Surface Phone

Now, we are going to tell you all the details we know about the Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors and its features. Yes! The rumor says the Microsoft Surface Phone will have many amazing and cool features. So, read the below article.

Processor and Chipset

The Microsoft Surface Phone will be the best phone of Microsoft. And, this smartphone will have the strong processor and chipset on it. Now, to run such a high-end phone, you need defined-chipset and processors. And, this phone is rumored to have Adreno 430 GPU chipset attached with Octa-Core processor. Besides, the Qualcomm 835 Snapdragon SoC will power this high functioning phone. Moreover, couple that with the RAM available and you have a high functioning phone that can fulfill all your productive requirements. Now, the phone is rumored to be powered with 64-bit Windows 10 working environment. Also, it may have a 3-in-1 form factor and is likely to come with laptop accessories. Moreover, we already told you, it will be a lot like PCs.

Display Telltale

Now, some time back the rumor was that the phone would feature Carl Zeiss Optics. And, this story was established as a plain talk later. Moreover, we now know that the Surface Phone will come with 5.7inch Super AMOLED screen with Quad-HD resolution.

Camera & Battery

According to the Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors, the Microsoft Surface Phone will have the 21MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. And, this news leak is doing the rounds since November 2015. However, it might not be true anymore. But, the latest news is that it is coming with Quick charge 4.0 which has 20% faster charging than Quick Charge 3.0. Also, it will come with the wireless charging feature may come with this phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Specs

Now, the Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors say that the device will also run Win32 applications, which might be enough for Android and iOS users to make the switch. And, this is because this feature will allow users to run standard PC services on their devices. The speculated x86 chipset will no longer be part of the Surface Phone. Now, there are three variants that depend on RAM and internal storage of this smartphone. And, the base unit will come equipped with 4GB of RAM, while the other versions have 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Besides, these handhelds will have 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of internal storage respectively. Moreover, all handhelds are expected to come with a 20-megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss lens. And, they are also estimated to run on the Windows 10 Redstone operating system straight out of the box.

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Finally, we can say that the Microsoft Surface Phone will be the best smartphone with cool and amazing features on it for every smartphone lovers. And, you must buy this phone to get a better experience because this phone is almost a computer. Now, visit our site to get updates about the Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors, And see others latest upcoming tech product reviews.


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