MIUI 9 Release date, Features with Android Nougat (7) Release date

MIUI 9 the latest OS from Xiaomi brand is the talk of the town. Rumor said that this OS would be integrated with Android 7 Nougats. Based on research Android 7 will come to our hand first by new phones from Xiaomi Company.


Latest MIUI 9 release date, features, supported device and full details about Android Nougat will be covered in this article. MIUI8 was launched in May 2016 but not successful for having so many bugs in it. That’s why they launched their new OS and planning to launch globally soon. The operator from Xiaomi is working hard to launch their new updates in January 2017, and we will be love to get this product soon.

Upcoming MIUI 9 and Android Nougat Features 

As I mentioned earlier, many bugs were found in the previous OS. It’s the reason they tried to upgrade a lot’s of functions and fixed problems. Android Nougat and MIUI 9 take the new brand of Xiaomi phone to a new height. The whole world is keenly looking for the phone. Tech lover wants to confirm the features that updated with this OS.

Now let’s discuss the #features.

Super Battery Savings

From the user of several developer OS of MIUI 9 user, it is confirmed that this uses less battery than earlier versions. The new OS and Android has unique features, known as doze mood. Whenever your phone is idle, battery saving mood activates.

Apps Customization

The news OS has apps customizer, and one can easily customize any apps. Apart from other features, this one seems fascinating. You can be able to customize any apps just by some clicks. Multiple apps user who needs to edit 

Dwell Windows Option

Dwell windows just add the fun for mobile users. Use like PC no it’s more than that, you can actively touch and work in any window. Imagine watching YouTube videos and chatting with friends at the same time would be so much fun on phones. And Dwell windows add great value to this OS. On the right side, there is a square button, and if you press it, multi-windows will activate. And after pressing that button for a bit long, the double window will vanish.

Speed of MIUI 9

In MIUI8 OS the speed was very slow. But in this new MIUI 9 OS, Xiaomi has fixed the bugs and now speed issue is fine now. Many reviewers called this OS as a swapper.And It’s flexible. To enjoy using a phone in a proper manner Speed is necessary.

A recent review from several tech lovers shows that the Android Nougat (7) is better in both speed and flexibility than Android 6 Marshmallow.

Data Saving

If you are conscious of data and want to use the perfectly same way you want. You must go for this OS that comes with Android Nougat. This new OS has all the possible features that tech lovers and gurus want on their phones. And more importantly latest android with Xiaomi’s OS is genuine through the back.

Great Launcher

Boot up time has shortened the major updates that we can see in MIUI 9 OS. And the launcher is great. After using beta and developer version of this OS, everyone is reviewing that. The new version of Android and latest OS from Xiaomi is something you can wait for.

Reply by Notification

New Android Nougat has this built in a facility built in and MIUI 9 has improved this features too. Basically, with this feature, you can reply any email or messenger software chat without opening them. Even you can delete and edit them from just notification. So This feature of new Android has stunned the lover of Android and Xiaomi.

Easy Font Changing

Every other phone has this features, but this phone included some customization for it. So Everything you want to read a message or web page, just click below and change font size for the instant. But You can change fonts for four times, and I guess that’s high enough for a phone. Smartphones are more likely to serve as PC these days. And the OS of different phones makes them compatible like this.

The first phone integrated with nougat and MIUI 9

Now MIUI 9 is the new OS from Xiaomi and integrated with new Android Nougat, no wonder why it’s so awesome. New phone Mi5 from Xiaomi Company is the first phone that’s getting this OS. Another phone will soon get this OTA and can upgrade to this OS. So hope for the best and wait tight for this lucrative device. 

MIUI Release Dates

Beta version and the Developer version of MIUI 9 OS has already come. And many people using this OS. We are eager to know the release dates, but there is no confirm news yet. But from reliable sources, we informed that first week of January might be the launching date of this OS. And the user of the developer version of this OS will have extra privilege getting this app. And this OS have quick update notification for every update. So if you are already using the beta version or developer version, receiving MIUI 9 release dates and updating information might be the first thing for you.

Supported Phones

Good news is, not only Mi5 but other phones will get this new OS. These includes:

  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi-2 Prime
  • Redmi 3/3S/3A
  • Mi4S
  • Mi4c
  • Mi5
  • Mi Max
  • Mi Note/Pro
  • Mi4i
  • Mi Pad 2

So if you are not planning on buying the new Mi5 from Xiaomi, still you can upgrade your OS on these devices.

Xiaomi was a famous brand in China, and with MIUI 9 OS powered by Android Nougat now, it’s an international brand. So, the popularity increasing very rapidly. Also, I love this brand phone and try to collect every of their new collection.

This brand works hard to improve every single thing it can regarding quality. So they can keep up with the latest brand. So, People who can’t afford the expensive phone from different brands can have this Xiaomi product. From quality and features, there is no doubt that MIUI 9 is soon going to compete with major brands.

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