Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Is Popular, You Should know

The last year Samsung Company has launched their new flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. The phone comes to the market in March 2016. The strong battery and the excellent design of this smartphone are able to space in users mind. Today we will discuss the various aspects of this wonderful device. Let’s get started.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone Design

Really the attractive new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone design is nice to see. Since the Samsung Company has started to prepare the battery for themselves devices, as a result, the company has assisted in the design of new devices. You will get palisaded metal and Gorilla Glass 4 technology to this device that will impress you easily.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone

Software and Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge runs with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system. And, which is upgradeable up to Android version 7 Nougat. The device has 2.15GHz Quad-Core processor, and 4 GB of Ram. There is also Water-resistant facility up to 30 minutes in five feet of water.

Brilliant camera unit

After seeing the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone you can easily understand that the camera means not just megapixels. The device has the only 12-megapixel rear camera but believes me, it is better to take pictures from other higher-megapixel smartphones.

What do you think how is it possible? I said already, the camera is not just megapixel. The device has a F/1.7 aperture, which will take your images to a new level. And, it has a dual pixel technology, which is used by two lights sensitive photodiode for each pixel. For this reason, you’ll be impressed by comparing to other devices for the photo quality of this device.

As well as, the device has been added 5-megapixel front-facing camera, I think that will be very useful to selfie lovers.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a Powerful battery

This new device is not only strong for 3,600 mAh powerful battery than their previous model Galaxy S6 but also it has the fast charging system. As a result, this device will be charged from 0 to 100 percent in just 100 minutes. In addition, the device supports to wireless charging. But, a full charge by wireless charging will take a little more time, about 150 minutes.

Samsung always on feature

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone has an ”always-on features” of Samsung like as the Galaxy S7, which will always show you the time, date, and some of other important notification on your smartphone. Only the required pixel is used for information to illuminate because of the device used AMOLED display technology. However, you may think that this feature will not be benefited. Now, think about like that, how many times of the day to be unlocked the mobile for only to see time, or to see any new notifications then you can realize to need for this feature.

MicroSD card slot facility

Who among us has to carry much more data on the smartphone, just they know that the importance of having an extra micro SD card slot. Samsung Company has faced criticism because it has not associated with the microSD card slot on the Galaxy S7 Edge device. However, there is no reason to worry because of the additional Micro SD card slot feature has been brought back again to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. However, you can use microSD card up to 256 GB.  Therefore, the smartphone users can able to carry the entire data using microSD card freely.

In the last word, this Galaxy S7 Edge is the best phone for these configurations. However, visit this website for the update about an upcoming smartphone. Also, you can join our facebook page for updates. Thanks for reading this review about Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.


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