Xiaomi Mi6 Specification, Release Date, Price, and Latest Features

If you are looking for the Xiaomi Mi6 Specification, then this article is for you. And, today we are going to tell you all info about this phone, and that’s including Xiaomi Mi6 Specification, release dates, price, and features. Now, Xiaomi Mi brand was very new to the market a few years ago. But, now the release of MI series has made their impact much higher.

The Xiaomi Mi series are expanding in the smartphone market. And, it is all for this phone’s amazing features. Moreover, the Xiaomi Mi6 is also going to be the best smartphone of 2017 for its new and amazing features and specifications which we have described in the below. So, read the article below.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specification

Xiaomi Mi6 Specification and Other Info

Xiaomi Mi6 Specification is in here. Now, the Xiaomi Mi6 is an upcoming Smartphone of 2017. And, it is powered by Xiaomi Smartphone/Electronics Limited. Now, the Mi6 is currently known to all the people of Worldwide. And, it is also hummed that Xiaomi Mi6 will have some thoughtful kinds of upgrades. Now, in the recent times, we have seen huge advancement in Smartphone industry. And, Xiaomi has been a vital brand playing their role by releasing amazing Smartphones of high range regarding specs and all. Besides, when it comes to features, we can expect a robust built in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 and can be reliable as well.

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Moreover, the Xiaomi Mi6 has appeared as one of the top brands, with the release of Mi series it has become a giant in Smartphone industry. Now, in the last year, the Xiaomi Mi5 was a classic device with great specifications, and the price was medium ranged as well. Now, this year, Xiaomi is going to release their next flagship device namely Xiaomi Mi6 which is sure going to be a hit.

Imagination of the phone

Now, you sure love the new Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone. Because the Xiaomi Mi6 Specification is way too cool, then you can imagine. According to rumors, the Xiaomi Mi6 is going to be the best-featured smartphone of 2017. Now, you all know that Xiaomi has become world’s fastest Android phone growing producer along with maintaining quality in the market.

Besides, according to our sources, Xiaomi Mi6 is going to make debut in markets like Canada and USA where Xiaomi products haven’t launched yet. So, it is expected that Xiaomi Mi6 is going to be a premium headset with cheap rates. This smartphone is going to have a lot of up gradations and new features which were never seen in Xiaomi smartphones. And, read the detail specification of this phone in the below.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date

Now, the Xiaomi Mi6 is going to be the best smartphone for this year. And, the Xiaomi Mi6 Specification is great. Moreover, the Authority of Redmi Xiaomi Smartphone Limited has currently updated the release date of Mi6 Smartphone. The Marketing Executive announced that the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone would release on the March 2017.

And, it is very good news for Xiaomi smartphone lovers. They just need to wait for some months to get this amazing phone. Besides, the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone has released in the last week of February 2016. And, with the same strategy, the Mi6 will release on 03 Month of 2017. Moreover, you can visit this site often to get updated news about the Xiaomi Mi6 Specification.

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Xiaomi Mi6 Price

The Xiaomi Mi6 is going to release on 2017. And, the question of every Xiaomi smartphone lover will be what would be the price of this phone? Now, we have all the answers. The people of Specific Country are looking for the Specific Price of Mi6 Upcoming Smartphone 2017. And, the Price will change country by country and it is not possible to provide the entire countries price. That’s why we will just try to provide you some targeted countries Price of this smartphone.

Now, most of the People are currently wondering about the price of Xiaomi Mi6 especially in the USA where the Smartphone make a huge impact. Moreover, the Price of Mi6 selected as $399 only which Translate to 2012 in China. And, this price is quite reasonable to afford. Now, stay with us on our site to get other countries Xiaomi Mi6 price real soon.

Key Features and Specifications of Xiaomi Mi6

Now, we have described that the Xiaomi Mi6 is going to be the best smartphone for this year. And, the Xiaomi Mi6 Specification shows that this smartphone has many amazing features. Moreover, the features of this amazing phone are in the below.


The best feature of this amazing smartphone is its display. Yes, the display is always the first thing which any user sees on the phone. Now, the Mi6 is expected to have 5.2-inches 4K screen which will give users an amazing experience for sure. And, the display can easily give you 4096 x 2160 resolutions. Besides, it is also estimated to have PPI near 700.


Now, Speed is another most important factor of any smartphone. So, it is important that phone should be fast enough to load and store data swiftly. And, Mi6 is going to have 2.5 – 2.7 GHZ 16-core processor which will make this phone very fast.


Now, according to the Xiaomi Mi6 Specification, the camera will be 23 Mega-Pixel rear cameras and 7 Mega-Pixel front-facing cameras. And, those are all for camera lovers who are looking for some awesome camera in their smartphone.


Now, the most important Xiaomi Mi6 Specification is its memory. And, the storing feature of this phone is great. Now, the expected memory of Mi6 is of different storage, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 which can be extended using Micro SD slot.


The Xiaomi Mi6 is going to have 4000 mAh battery which can easily last for hours, and you can enjoy each and every feature of your phone.

Wireless Charging

The Mi6 is coming with enhanced wireless charging feature. So, this will help you to charge your phone faster like 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

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The Xiaomi Mi6 now has retina scanner. And, you can use your eye to unlock your Mi6, make purchases online, and make a purchase on Google play store and other security parameters where authentication is required. Besides, it has the amazing design that everybody will love.

Conclusively, it is needless to say that the Xiaomi Mi series the top smartphone in worldwide. And, they are launching the Xiaomi Mi6 which will have new and many upgraded features. And, that’s why it is going to be the best smartphone for 2017. Now, visit our website often to get updated info about Xiaomi Mi6 Specification.

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